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Can I integrate Gaia Pro with my existing sensors?

Yes, you can.
We work with third-party applications and have our software engineers ready to help integrate existing sensors and data to Gaia Pro

What comes with Gaia Pro?

Every Gaia Pro system includes our advanced application that works with Gaia Pro's hub to connect individual sensors to your network.

What is the cost of Gaia Pro?

Each solution is custom to every user - making it difficult to give an accurate cost. Contact sales for more information.

What does IoT stand for?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is used to describe physical objects embedded with sensors, software and technology for the purpose of exchanging data with other devices. Gaia Growth uses this with Gaia Pro to help gather data from its sensors so farmers can make informative decisions based on real-world data.

Which countries do you supply Gaia Pro to?

We're able to help users setup Gaia Pro anywhere in the world.